The Addiction of Character Assasination Politics

Humans have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with destruction. War is probably the most loathed of the various acts of destruction. Loss of a relationship, parent, child, sibling all fall under some form of destruction and no one wishes any such losses upon any one. That is unless you are in the business of destruction.

War, as I opened up with, falls into this catagory. While we mourn the death, charred ruins and endless sea of refugees there are people in the business of making money off of war. From the UN to the arms dealers, charity groups, contracts to rebuild and (most egregiously) the debt a war creates. A continued cycle of violence is good for business. Washington DC is like this as well.


For every act of success there is a phalanx of people hell bent on your destruction. For every moment in the sun for an individual there are staff rooms full of people digging up any piece of dirt no matter how insignificant. We have witnessed the character assassination of nominee after nominee under POTUS45. Men and women who have worked tirelessly in their professions and who passed the one and only litmus test they should concern themselves with; serving their President and this nation. The recent rash of outrage over false allegations of Russian influence is quite amusing to see. Recent Pew Research has found out that Americans are turning it off. I am sure in a few weeks you will see new polling claiming whose ‘fault’ it is.

It doesn’t matter. Destruction is a business and business is good! Funding for it is in the billions of dollars. How do we know this? Have you ever wondered what happens to all that money that corporations are ‘fined’ for? Think it goes into the general fund? Do you actually believe that the money from the Deep Water Horizon spill went directly into cleaning up the Gulf? Think George Soros funds ALL Left Wing organizations just by himself?

This money is ‘discretionary’. It can be used for whatever, by whoever, wants it. Need Sierra Club funded? Get BP to pony up a few million. If a corporation was ordered to pay the fine amount mentioned on the LSM that corporation would be bankrupt. However, donate to a “cause” and all sins are forgiven. It is the modern equivalent of making restitution with the Catholic Church for your heretical view that the Earth revolves around the sun and not vise-versa. One would think that a corporation would not want any part of this (and they don’t) but what is the alternative? Pay ‘x’ billions and go belly up or just cut a check to for $10 mil and call it a day?

So, it has come to light in a FOX News report that this is exactly what is going on. Obama’s Organization for America has garnered it’s funding this very way. And what has been their chief objective? To destroy the Trump Administration. And Business is good!

Flynn was forced to resign (for no reason-FBI cleared him of any wrongs). Sessions was forced to recuse himself (for no reason because there is ZERO evidence that the Russians hacked the election). Now VP Pence is the latest target using an AOL account while Governor. Find any dirt, any where and exploit it. Never let a crisis go to waste.

So, we must ask a very important question here. To what end is this all about?…. In point of fact, no end. For this current far left extremist Democrat Party there is no ‘alternate solution’. They don’t have a plan in place. There is no Utopian vision. It was disproven during the campaign when Hillary announced she was going to revitalize the economy with a plan not seen since WWII. Oh!.. So, NOW you have this great plan? Never mind that you were First Lady, a Senator and SectState.. NOW you have the answer?

What we know is this. The DNC orchestrated a hacking and concerted effort to derail the Sanders Campaign and they succeeded. They bought him off with (another) mansion. Not bad for a guy who campaigned against the “haves” and for the “have-nots”. What we also know is that the Left has made attempt after attempt to derail the election results that ended in utter failure.. Oh, by the way, is any one investigating Jill Stein and her ‘recount’ fundraising? Is this where I que the ‘Jeopardy’ theme? Finally, what we have come to know; once all of this failed, they rolled out the big guns and went after the nominees themselves. The resignation of General Flynn is the first victory. Now there is momentum.

Never mind there is ZERO evidence. Create enough confusion. Create enough questions. Make sure the Press is in your pocket and soon the tail is wagging the dog. The drug is easily available, the reporting is squarely on your side (enablers). Blame everything and every one else for the problem and you have deflected the truth of your own addiction to character assasination politics.

Did you watch the President address to Congress? I did. I re-broadcasted it on my show, with commentary. What did you notice? I noticed a typical petulant Left. They couldn’t even applaud the wife of a fallen Navy Seal. They wore white in Solidarity of Women’s Suffrage.. Really? This is the best you got?? Where in America are women STILL not allowed to vote? Ya’ know? The last time a bunch of Democrats got together dressed in white some poor black person ended up dead in a tree.. So again I ask.. What is your great plan?

There is none; save- more destruction. For it is commonly known throughout history that more anarchy demands more totalitarianism to restore order and semblance of society. Germany 1936, Russia 1914, China 1948, Cuba, Venezuela, Rwanda, Bosnia, Arab Spring, the US pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, even the fall of Rome..

So, now we reveal the actual plan. It is not to ‘save’ America from a ‘tyrannical President Trump’. It is to create enough chaos to demand a complete and total take over of our country by well meaning Democrats. Think the voters will stand for this? Of course they won’t.. THAT is exactly what the Left hopes for. This way they can show America how “.. out of control..” Trump supporters are. Lets look at the AG from Mass, Maura Healey who has set up a hotline to report Trump inspired racism and bigotry. So far only 250 reports have come in and many of them are questionable. Some one ‘said’ something. Several reports were of ‘micro-aggression’. Meanwhile the Left is setting entire cities and Universities on fire. Thousands show up and deny access to Trump supporters to speak freely by way of sheer acts of violence and wanton destruction. I, personally filmed hundreds of bussed in Leftists at our own City Hall in Worcester Mass last month whose intention it was to silence an opposing view. The entire time shouting, “… this is what Democracy looks like!” This is what Democracy looks like? Silencing the opinions of others?

The Left have become the new Brown Shirts. It is here we see the true intentions of why the Left is so hell bent on destroying our current President. The business of destruction, and business is good!

My late mother, a Liberal Democrat, who rebuilt her life after a 25 year marraige and divorce, went back to college at age 50+, graduating cum laude taught me the importance of history, knowledge and reading (most importantly–remembering) always warned me when people attacked my character. She would say; “… be careful of those who suspect you for they are usually sus-pect themselves…”

We would be wise to heed these words and wonder why there are those so addicted to Character Assasination Politics..


…. And That Is The Diatribe….

The Power of Our President

Many of America’s school children are returning to school this week, having “celebrated” a week off that included Presidents Day.  Traditionalists will always call it Washington’s Birthday.  He was perhaps the last President that we had who deserved to be celebrated. Presidents Day should be a day where we question the power of the Presidency.

A recent commentary in The Week proclaimed Presidents Day to be the worst holiday.  I have to say that I agree.   “The American presidency is not something to be exalted. It is something that needs to be neutered”, said the author, Bonnie Kristian.  Every four years we spend a couple of billion dollars advertising hyperbolic lies over who should “lead” us.  It’s a process that few think works well and it elevates the office of President to something that it was never meant to be.

Kristian writes:

“President Trump can subpoena journalists’ phone records and call it “national security.” He can prosecute whistleblowers to discourage dissent. He can access mass amounts of warrantless surveillance on ordinary Americans, including triple the telephonic metadata the NSA was able to search before the so-called reforms passed as a result of Edward Snowden’s revelations. He can govern by executive fiat. He can unilaterally expand military intervention without congressional interference or any geographic boundaries. He can indefinitely detain people in Guantanamo Bay and other secret prisons. He can have a “kill list” of drone strike targets, that can include American citizens secretly assassinated without charge or trial. Some of them can even be teenagers neither suspected nor accused of any crime.

Trump can do all this and more — so, so much more — because the presidency he inherited from Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and their predecessors is, in the apt phrase of The Week’s Ryan Cooper, a turnkey tyranny.”

This is not a criticism of President Trump, but rather it is an indictment of the failure of Congress to maintain the balance of powers.

The President should be similar to a Town Manager: they should enforce laws, preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and nothing else.  The office was meant to be an executive position.  Starting with Teddy Roosevelt, more than 110 years ago, the office has been consolidating power into one person where none should have existed.  What we are left with is power that is much too dangerous for any one person.

Writing at last October, Barry Brownstein talked about Hillary Clinton’s “plan” as President.  Brownstein rightfully points out that no President should have a “plan”.  It is Congress that should be the source of legislation, not the Executive Branch.

“So limited were the powers of the president that Charles Pinckney, founding father and signer of the U.S. Constitution, argued against the impeachment clause in the Constitution on the grounds that the president’s powers “would be so circumcised” by the Constitution that presidential abuse would be impossible.

If the president is not to make plans for us, then what? … “Every day, ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs pursue opportunities. No one controls the myriad decentralized decisions and actions that, along the way, solve problems. We don’t need “problem solvers” to tell us the “winning plan.” We need planners and “problem solvers” to stay out of our way.”

Republicans are happy now that they are in power, but one day the fickleness of the voters will turn against them and they will put the Democrats back in power.  For at least the next four years, Republicans can take retribution by using the power of the Presidency to crush their “enemies”.  President Trump has promises to “drain the swamp”.  That involves much more than firing people though.  It means dismantling much of the Executive Branch’s power.

A truly transformational President would not consolidate power, but would demand that Congress take back the power that belongs to the people. Wouldn’t we all be much safer if our next President had no effect on our daily lives?  That is what our founders expected.  It is what we should expect.

In Liberty,
Ken Mandile
Senior Fellow
Worcester Tea Party

Dr. Punya Kishore: Addictions. Accusations, Recovery

February 2017 Free Education Event:

The Worcester Tea Party and The M&P Conservative Media Network have teamed up again to welcome the controversial Dr. Punya Kishore.  He spoke about his work on treating addiction and his incarceration for performing the work he loved so much. This was an educational and highly charged evening!

Part I

Part II

Dr. Willie Soon January 2017 Free Education Event


January Free Education Event
Dr. Willie Soon
Climate Change Realism

Professor Dr. Soon gives a multi-media presentation on the myths of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon (born 1966) is a researcher of the Smithsonian at the Solar and Stellar Physics (SSP) Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He is also a receiving editor for the Elsevier journal New Astronomy. Soon co-authored The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun–Earth Connection with Steven H. Yaskell. Soon disputes the current scientific understanding of climate change, and contends that most global warming is caused by solar variation rather than by human activity. Dr Soon has been a solar physicist at the Center for a quarter of a century. His research specialty is the influence of changes in solar activity on the Earth’s climate and the study of stars of the same type as the Sun. Since 1994, together with various distinguished co-authors, he has published some 60 research papers on these and related topics.


Red Pill Politics Returns To The Internet

    I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Dave Kopacz in 2012. He was working with the Rand Paul crowd and the Liberty Clubhouse on the 8th floor of Brad Wyatt’s old building in Worcester Mass.. He was so gracious to invite me to many events over the next couple of years. In 2014 he came to my Candidate’s Symposium at that same building and brought so many people with him to make that event shine.

In 2016 I was honored to be asked to film his 2nd Amendment Rally in Belchertown Mass. The link that begins the many speakers filmed is here:…
Dave has now asked me to once again come and film, hook up sound and witness the two great Americans who carry on the legacy of their Patriarch. On Feb 18th at the AMVETS in Haverhill Mass; wife and daughter Jeanette and Challice Finicum will wind up their Northeast visit to speak once again about the tragedy of the murder of their husband/father at the hands of Obama’s BLM and FBI; Lavoy Finicum.
Dave himself has been targeted by government, police and has been the target of Mass Republican Politics as well leading up to the split in the Mass Republican Assembly. That split was one of the major causes of Charlie Baker being elected as our Governor over Mark Fisher. I have interviewed Mark twice on my show. I was (also) thrown out of the same amount of events held by Baker’s campaign team. This pales in comparison to what Dave has gone through.
So, I write this piece in Solidarity of Red Pill Politics. At two opposite ends Dave and I have worked hard to bring politcal sense to this state by way of our broadcasts. Dave was a major influence of mine. I watched him work his magic at The Liberty Clubhouse and on Youtube. It was watching him that I got the idea of my own Network. Dave Kopacz and Red Pill Politics was one of the original, Liberty online broadcasts here in Massachusetts and has spurred on many. Those who have, can only claim to be following in his footsteps, including me.
It has been far too long since Red Pill Politics returned to the Internet. On February 18th, it will…
Dean Of Journalism
Christopher Maider
The Meat And Potatoes Show