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    I am very glad that we have an open forum for the free exchange of ideas. We should dedicate ourselves to this being a place where we can disagree without becoming disagreeable.

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    Speaking about not being disagreeable when we disagree there is this from our senior Senator:

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shut down Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a Senate floor speech on Tuesday, accusing the Democrat of violating Senate rules by criticizing their colleague and attorney general nominee, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

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    What do you think,did our Sen. cross the line ?

  • This is a guest post by a Friend of the Worcester Tea Party. Provided not as poke in anyone’s eye but as a place to start a discussion that we must have to determine our future.

    AN OPEN LETTER to the Worcester Tea Party

    It can be said that we are living in turbulent times.

    It can be said that this tumultuous election was a critical turning point in our country’s history.

    It can certainly be said that the future is uncertain-this country and the world are sailing into uncharted waters-that the world is more violent and dangerous than it has been in a long time-all these things can be said because they are facts-and always have been. History is fluid, often turbulent and unpredictable, and the truth is we are always living in it.

    The recent presidential election was largely decided by the success of a campaign to “Make America Great Again!” a slogan portending a better future in relation to a better, historical past. But this “greatness” aimed a “greatness” of the past was loosely defined at best. Was this slogan referencing the historically unprecedented rise in the standard of living of Americans spearheaded by the explosion of scientific and technological advances made in the U.S.? Was it referencing the moral and military greatness that enabled the U.S. to end the worldwide threat of not one, but two racially driven, conquest seeking empires? In WW2?

    Was this slogan of greatness referencing the unique and unsurpassed climate where a man could rise economically and intellectually from a day laborer to industrial innovator and producer like Andrew Carnegie? Or the greatness that enabled a man to rise from slavery to an agricultural genius and innovator like George Washington Carver? Or is the slogan to make America great again referencing the actual source greatness that made possible all of these other aspects of American greatness-the founding fathers’ radical notion that a man owned his life by his nature as man and that a moral and proper government is one which enshrined this principle, and protected individual rights as the primary function of its existence?

    Unfortunately, this last and fundamental American greatness, which made possible all the subsequent American forms of greatness, economic, scientific, technological, cultural, social, and military, is not what this administration means by “Make America Great Again!” It has been apparent from the first days of this campaign, that the future president was centered on a mythical nationalist and isolationist history as America’s source of greatness -to hell with the whole of economics and the entire history of the first immigrant based country!

    This current administration did not oppose one single policy of the previous administration on any fundamental level, except immigration. It didn’t oppose the wealth redistribution state, the subsidy state, the regulatory state, the notion of a “right” to healthcare, and several times made it known it was a fan of the authoritarian ” abilities” of rulers like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Sadly, the fact that the political group called the Tea Party, which styles itself after the first Boston Tea Party and it’s rejection of arbitrary authoritarianism, has to a large extent supported the election of Americas first explicitly, authoritarian administration.

    Authoritarianism, isolationism, anti-immigrationism, tariffs, and economic nationalism and mercantilism is exactly what the Boston Tea Party was dumping into the Atlantic ocean symbolically. Seven years ago I thought, and had high hopes, that the current Tea Party was the resurgence of the unique American outlook that set the U.S. on the path of unparalleled, real greatness: our unique respect for individual rights, a constitution based republic centered around such rights, a separation of church and state, and a cultural worship of REASON.

    This administration is merely one more chain in the drift away from those American ideals, to a form of the world’s more historically dominant modes of government: one arbitrarily dominated by a majority, a religion, a ruling elite, or monarch, and that there is something higher than, and sovereign to the individual. Now this administration may accomplish some good, but regardless, it is clearly not aligned with our founding ideals, nor with a healthy respect, never mind knowledge of, The United States Constitution. For the current Tea Party at large, to support such a person, invalidates their connection to the first Tea Party and the founding principles of the United States. As we near the birthday of our greatest president, the one who created the template for a all president to aspire to, who set the stage for a nation of laws not men, embodied the separation of powers in the executive branch, not power lust, steered us as freeman and immigrants into land of free trade, and who carried himself as the archetype of what a president should be: dignified.

    The Tea Party, especially those who support this administration, needs to reflect on what an objectively great president sounded like, thought like, and acted like. For if the Tea Party’s honest intention is a return to the original ideals of America, they need to very quickly and wholeheartedly examine and rethink their support of this less than great, and indeed un-American, administration, or at the very least, change their name.


    • RWB

      There is a great amount of courage needed to write such an open letter to a group of your friends, Thank you for being so courageous. You are also correct in pointing out the faults of the current President of the US. It is the duty of principled people to speak Truth, always.

      We do not have a litmus test for our members. Every member of the Worcester Tea Party is an individual with their own set of preferences and commitments to issues. Each of us accepts that no person can be always right or always wrong. It is part of the human condition and politics and government are uniquely human endeavors.

      President Trump has used some troubling rhetoric and he has endorsed some wrong headed policies, but he was the better choice than either Sec. Clinton who used troubling rhetoric to advocate catastrophic policies, or Gov. Romney who used inoffensive rhetoric and championed both good and bad policies. So again we are left with the wisdom of all humans being imperfect.

      Contrary to your assertion that the WTP is lost its way, the WTP is needed now more than ever. As a principle based group only the WTP can speak truth to power. It is our rational devotion to Truth and Principle that empowers the WTP.

  • RWB

    The Nangle Gang Still on the Loose and Riding High on Taxpayers’ Money
    by Broadside Staff

    The four-members of the Nangle Gang have increased their plundering of taxpayer’s gold this year. Their take has increased to $120,000 against the wishes of many law-abiding and well-intentioned citizens, including the sitting governor of this commonwealth.
    The Nangle Gang consists of its leader, David “Tax the Nonprofits” Nangle (D-Lowell) and members Ann-Margaret “The Creative Economy” Ferrante (D-Gloucester), Sarah “Automatically Register Voters” Peake (D-Provincetown) and Louis “Regulating & Protecting” Kafka (D-Stoughton.